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Sep 18, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to Age of Ruin.:)

Age of Ruin is a historical Minecraft roleplay server that welcomes both veterans and newcomers to the roleplay genre.
Explore 12th century Europe through the eyes of a king, peasant, nomad, knight ... the possibilities are endless!

The Time Period

The timeline of Age of Ruin begins right at the start of the 12th century, 1101 AD. This time period allows for exciting roleplay, as it is a time of cultural and economic revival. Many historians even trace the origins of the Renaissance to this time. Along with that, the balance of economic power slowly began to shift from the region of the eastern Mediterranean to western Europe. The population rapidly expanded, a factor that eventually led to the breakup of the old feudal structures.

The Region

The events of Age of Ruin will be taking place only on the continent of Europe, which allows for more intricate and national, political roleplay. Thanks to the help of our map creator, we were able to produce a beautiful, accurate recreation of the 12th century map of the European continent for you to play on! Adding the Asian continent is currently not on our radar as to not spread out the roleplay and players too far from one another.

The Server

Age of Ruin supports all versions 1.14+! This allows for the usage of several new items and blocks that have the potential of enhanced roleplay, such as lanterns, barrels, bells, lecterns, campfires, grindstones, crossbows and much, much more! Along with that, Age of Ruin is fully custom-built and strives for originality and stability.

The Process

Whilst the forums are open, you are allowed to chat and apply for characters and nations. Once we feel like the server is ready to be tested, we will be holding a closed beta phase (in roleplay, this stage will be held in 1100 AD). When the server has a fully stable build, the server will be fully opened to the public and the server will be advertised further.

We hope you are all as excited excited for the server as we are!
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