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Valid The Construction of Alta Finishes


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May 13, 2020
With the town of Alta put under construction by the Sovereign Prince, the architects and builders of Cumania worked tirelessly to build it. After months of work, construction has been completed. The town now boasts an upgraded version of Fort Alta, the town's namesake, farms, blacksmiths, stables, houses, and more. Citizens immediately flocked to inhabit the town, and specialists filled up the shops, stables, blacksmiths, etc.

The Sovereign Prince now saw it fit to arrange a tour of the city for the Grand Prince of Kiev. The tour shall happen on a date to be determined by both parties.

When interviewed about the Sovereign Prince's feelings about the new town, he exclaimed:

"I am incredibly pleased with the state of Alta, and I am suwure that its growth will continue as we expect it to."

(The Blacksmith of Alta)
Oct 1, 2019
May I ask why this post is written like a modern-day newspaper? Also, why are there "architects" to build a simple village? Architects build things like churches and sophisticated buildings. Common houses, especially wooden, would be a task given to the villagers. Additionally, why does the Prince care about some fort in his town? And why was he interviewed, who interviewed him? It doesn't make much sense as to how this is important at all...
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