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Oct 1, 2019
In the year of our lord 1110

With the change of kings passed the people of Scotland have begun to rebuild the once powerful nation. The production of wood, lumber, and produce have flooded the streets and market. The economy has begun to boom in the north. The King looks to the north as the production of valuable stones and ores are brought to the surface with the sweat and dedication of the men of The North. The Scottish see this mountain as the humble mountain looking over the valley with a humble and caring glow. The mountain that has provided for the Doyle family and Scotland for the past generations.

As Theodore looks over the mines and the much-needed improvements being drawn out before him, he sees to it that the enjoyment for his men is taken care of. The establishment of a village on the mountainside is drawn out on parchment, plans drawn and discussed, in a swift and quick motion he attaches the parchment and sign it with his seal and send it to the King for approval.

-Signed Teddy Doyle | Keeper of the Mines