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Accepted Scribble1O3's Aragon Application

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Oct 1, 2019

Starting Players: MagatheGoat, KhiteBuilds, Ernn

My IGN: Scribble1O3

My Discord: Scribble (Unofficial Staff)#0360

What makes me fit to lead this nation: I've played on historical Roleplay servers since early 2019. While I've held a number of important Roleplay positions, I also understand that there is more to leading a nation than just Roleplay. I additionally understand the importance of bringing new players both to my nation, and to the server in general, and am fully prepared to fulfil that responsibility of a Nation Leader.

Nation’s Religion: The Nations main religion is Roman Catholicism but there is a Muslim minority in the Southern Aragonese region.

Nation’s Architecture: Mudéjar (South) and Romanesque (North). The Romanesque architecture includes a lot of arches, huge walls and minimal windows, the Mudéjar art and architecture was the Muslim development of the Iberian architecture changing it to fit their culture.

Nation’s Government: Monarchy. after Aragon got its full independence from Navarre the King had full rule over it.

Nation’s History: The Aragon territory was first used by the Romans to place the city of Caesaraugusta later becoming the city of Zaragoza. Around 460 AD they would be taken under control by the Visigoths during the fall of Rome and despite heavy attacks from the Franks in the Aragonese region would hold strong until 711 AD when the Umayyads attacked and by 715 AD Aragonese territory was in Umayyad hands and up until 906 AD when Pamplona broke off and then more so in 1017 AD when Saraqusta broke away to create Saragossa. By the 11th century there were three kingdoms and a duchy, Aragon, Ribagorza, Sobrarbe, and Castile all under the Kingdom of Navarre. This would change drastically in 1035, after Sancho the King of Navarre died and his kingdom was split between his family, his son Gonzalo got control of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza and his illegitimate son Ramiro I gained control of Aragon. Gonzalo would then die and Ramiro would take control of his land adding it to his Kingdom. He then found success battling his brother Garcia Sanchez III of Navarre to gain Aragon its independence. He then would pass this power onto his son Sancho Ramirez who became the first to be self-proclaimed as the King of the Aragonese and Pamplonese. This new leadership would now look south to conquer land from Iberian Muslims leading to the movement of the capital city from Jaca to Huesca in 1096.
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Sep 18, 2019
Hello @Scribble103,

After reviewing and discussing your application with the staff team, we are glad to report that we have come to the conclusion to accept it! For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for applying!
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