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Declined request for Norway


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Jul 29, 2020
Name of Post: (Your username)’s (Nation name) Application = Almaric_Ier1751

Nation Name: (Enter the name of the nation you are applying for)=Norway

Who you are starting this nation with: (Optional during alpha, the maximum amount of players is capped at 15) =Cochonbeuge, Loulou78

Your IGN: (Your in-game Name) =Olaf the first

Your Discord: (Please enter your discord and include the discriminator. Example: YourName#2019)=Momo85#4373

What makes you fit to lead this nation: (Describe your qualities and why you should be allowed to lead the nation you are applying for)

"As King of Norway, I, Olaf the First, pledge to serve my country Norway and to make it become a very great world power. I have a great desire to create a country. In fact, I have always liked to lead a country. For me, after, give a legacy to the kings to come is very very much. As a Christian king I leave Catholics, Protestants and Laity in peace On the other hand any other religion is prohibited For example Islam or Judaism. So in each and every village. A castle and a church will be present ". Olaf the first

Nation’s Religion: (Name the religion your nation currently has)= Christianity

Nation’s Architecture: (Name the architectural style predominantly used in your nation) =Medieval

Nation’s Government: (Name the type of government your nation has) = Absolute Monarchy

Nation’s History (Real Life): (In your own words, write up a brief summary of the existing history of the nation you are applying for up until the current date of the server)=

The history of Norway begins with the Vikings who sold the whole of Europe by taking possession of islands in particular those of Scotland. Before, Norway had around 29 counties, they were all unified by Harald the first to create the Kingdom of Norway. Between the 11th century and the 13th century, Norway changed a lot of capitals like Bergen or Trondheim and then finally Oslo. One of the kings, Håkon VI, died without an heir and therefore Norway returned to his wife Magreethe from Denmark so for Denmark . During the Napoleonic wars, Sweden recovers Norway which had regained its semi-independence around 1600. The Norway-Sweden union was removed in 1905. During the First World War, Norway was neutral but during the second,
Germany invades it and forces the royal family to migrate to London. After 1945 Norway twice refused to join the European Union, still concerned about Germany but removed its neutrality

Nation's Server History (Roleplay): (Describe everything you know about the server history of the nation you are applying for) =
I don't know the history of norway at all on the server but you can see ghost houses in oslo
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May 13, 2020
I can't tell if this is a joke or not.

If it is, haha funny!!!!

If not, AoR's legit shut down mate and Radiantal (Leader of norway) hasn't, well, uhm, left that position.