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Apr 1, 2020

Construction of the Giovani Fleet
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In the trading city of Nizza in the Grand Duchy of Savoia, the Populus has become enriched with immense wealth from exporting goods from Torino. The ambitious people of Nizza has independently expanded their port for more space for commerce. Seeing this opportunity, the house of Savoy has bought a fair portion of the city's port.

The reasoning for these purchases is going to be for military and trading purposes. Work on such a project has started before this announcement, where the Grand Duchy of Savoy has already ordered several cargo and military vessels. This project is a result of decades of Islamic pirate dominating the Mediterranean.

Although this project won't exactly eliminate that burden that many traders shared in the Mediterranean Sea. It will certainly make life easier and safer for any merchant who travels closer to the Italian coastline. Future ambitions to make the Western part of this sea will require more strategic port in the area.



The Current Logistic of the Port

Currently, the port of Nizza can hold many spot for merchant fleets and military fleets, and some smaller ones for civilian usage. Other project inside the Grand Duchy of Savoy has begun, such as large funding to work on Genoa has been started years ago. This year might be the year where the Northern Italian coast would become a major spot for trading and docking for the Catholic world.


This project was carefully planned under the guide of Amadeus III of Savoie.

~Amadeus III di Savoia

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