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Declined Kopruh's Character Application

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Feb 9, 2020
Character Introductions

Player's IGN: Kopruh

Personal Information

Character’s Full Name: Filippo Castrogiovanni

Tiziano Castrogiovanni (Alive)
Rosa Castrogiovanni

Age/Date of Birth: 14 July 1077

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Titles: none

Character Appearance

Height: 186 cm

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Green


Greedy, Selfish, Loyal, Stoner, Boorish

Character History

Filippo Castrogiovanni was born as a merchant son on 14 July 1077 in Venice. His father was a merchant and his mother is unknown. Growing up Filippo was taught the ways of a trading. Filippo was a dealer since young age. It all started when a black man wearing turban approached him. He didn't want to reveal his name, but he wanted to do one big deal with 14 years old Filippo. It was about the opium and cannabis. Filippo got really interested in such a profitable deal as he really wanted to become better merchant than his father. He accepted weird man's offert. Young Venetian started selling his good among citizens of Venice what made him rich in a short time. Church didn't liked that. Filippo was arrested. His father paid a fine to get him out of prison. He told his son to never do that again and to try trading spices or something else. When Filippo was 20 he got married with his first love Rosa. One year later he was selling spices as usual then that black man came. He just told Filippo to meet him at port in midnight and disappeard in the crowd. When they met again mysterious man said: "I didn't thought that you could handle this but look at you. You're still alive tho you were imprisoned by the clergy. Most of people that accept my offert dies in prison. To be honest I thought you're dead too but my friend told me that you're alive. I'd like to offer you cooperation. You will sell my goods in Venice as I can't be here and you'll get half of income. Deal?" Filippo accepted his offert. And once again started selling cannabis and opium to venetians but this time in secret. Officialy he's a spice trader but If you know what to say he'll sell you something better than spices.


Sep 27, 2019
Hello @Kopruh,

Your application has been marked as pending. This doesn't mean it has been accepted or denied. However, we will hold off our decision for now. We have a few issues as it is right now:

- Please try and revise the backstory to make it more realistic and grammatically appropriate. We are not opposed to the idea, but some revision is necessary.

Please edit your application within 24 hours.

mmjinae and the Age of Ruin Staff Team


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Sep 18, 2019
Hello @Kopruh,

After reviewing and discussing your application with the staff team, we have sadly come to the conclusion to deny it for the following reasons:
  • Your backstory does not fit the criteria in terms of realism.
Thank you for applying!
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