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Accepted Character App: _Sebass


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Mar 19, 2020
Player's IGN: _Sebass

Character’s Full Name: Khagan Bataar "The Bastard Wolf"

Family: Living half-brother, Ganzorig who is the Khan of their father's tribe

Age/Date of Birth: 22 years old, born in Winter, 1079

Titles: Khagan of Cumania

Character Appearance: Fair haired, with matted, bleached hair which hangs to one side. As well as his hair, his beard is braided, hanging just below the chin. His face and body are scarred from years of war and hardship. He is tall, with a muscular but thin build.

Height: 6 foot

Hair Color: Sand-colored

Eye Color:


Ambitious 193
Attractive 196

Arbitrary 198
Cruel 192
Drunkard 194
Bastard 195

Character History: Bataar's mother was a noble Rus woman, carried away from her home by Cuman raiders. Famed for her beauty, the Khan took her as his personal share of the spoils. Soon, the bastard was birthed in the Khan's tent. Bataar was the most neglected out of his father's children, but the second youngest, Ganzorig, would teach him to ride a horse, hunt and fire a bow. He strongly resembled his Viking mother, with his blond hair and green eyes. His mother died around that time, when he was too young to understand. After that time, he was neglected even more, unwanted by his father who had plenty of other sons and was often preoccupied with his raids. When he was 6, he was separated from his tribe while on the move during a snowstorm. Bataar claims that he was raised by wolves for years, wandering the endless steppe. Nobody knows if the stories are true, but he sure fights like a wolf, and can prowl around camp in complete silence. Around the age of 10, this "wolf child" was found living in a cave by slave traders. When he managed to kill two of his attackers, the slavers decided to sell him to the Byzantines.

Although the boy could fight, he needed to be taught obedience, and those the Varangian Guard beat him into submission. Soon, however, he became accustomed to living in the luxury of Constantinople. He made many friends among his warrior comrades, learning Norse and Greek and fighting like a berserker. In his adolescent life, he would gain recognition as a warrior fighting in the Holy Land, Sicily, and the Balkans. He could fight with shield, axe, and sword, and sometimes relied on his skill with the bow in a pinch. He became rich from his plunder, yet he was still very young, and did not want to spend his life serving other men. During a campaign against the Rus, Bataar deserted and rode into his father's lands, in the hope that he could become a Khan himself. He spent a year meddling in Cuman tribal affairs, taking control of a clan of his own. His father had died, and he used deceit to seat his brother at the head of his own clan. A few alliances later, he was the Khagan of all of the Cumans, and he had the support of all of the clans.


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Sep 18, 2019
Hello @_Sebass,

We are glad to report that we have come to the conclusion to accept your application!
For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for applying!