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Accepted Alessandro Accardi's Introduction

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Oct 30, 2019
Character Introductions

Player's IGN: Olkusz_Ssak12

Personal Information

Character’s Full Name: Alessandro Accardi

Father: Orazio Accardi (alive)
Mother: Sofia Accardi (alive)

Age/Date of Birth: 25th November 1076

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Titles: None

Character Appearance

Height: 182 cm

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown


Friendly, Religious, Cunning, Ambitious, Greedy

Character History

Alessandro Accardi was born on November 25, 1076 in a Venetian merchant family who did not do too badly. From childhood, he helped dad at work by carrying various goods or setting up the stand. He lived a decent life, he was taught to read and count what was most important to him trade. When he grew up he came to the conclusion that if he was to become a trader he would be the best. And to achieve this he had to sail to distant cities such as Alexandria or Constantinople. So he joined the ship to learn sailing. He sailed with different crews on different ships which gave him an experience he would not have gained while staying in Venice with his family. He also learned the basics of several languages so that he could bargain in the future. He collected money in various ways for 5 years, only to be able to buy his own small ship. He gathered his crew and father's goods and headed to the shores of Palestine to buy spices that would give him wealth. By traveling between different cities of the Mediterranean for two years enriched significantly and listened to the stories of distant lands.
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Sep 27, 2019
Hello @Olkusz_Ssak12,

Congratulations! Your application has been accepted! Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Thank you,
mmjinae and the Age of Ruin Staff Team