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Accepted Aaline Albtraum Character Applications

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Oct 6, 2019
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Personal Information
Aaline.jpgoriginal (1).jpg
Character’s Full Name:

Aaline Rosryn Albtraum

Mother: Robin Furg (Alive)
Father: Darren Albtraum (Dead)
Uncle: Jarred Albtraum (Alive)
Aunt: Alice Cooly (Dead)
Cousin: Elizabeth Albtraum (Alive)

Age/Date of Birth:
Eighteen, born October 1st, 1083

None (Highborn and Weathy child, no official titles)

Character Appearance
Slim figure, pale skin. (View picture for realistic appearance)

Height: 5’3

Hair Color: Brown, Lighter in the summer months while darker during the winter

Eye Color: A light shade of green, nearly gray











Character History

Aaline Albtraum was a mystery. Her parents had tried for years to have a child, it was her fathers natural dream to produce a large family with his beautiful wife. Sadly, this dream was only that as Aaline was the only child they were able to conceive. Even then, they were in shock that Robin had fallen pregnant. It was a beautiful thing and although Darren had hoped for many more children to carry on his legacy he was thrilled. His relationship with Aaline was pure and gentle, he gave his everything to being the best father he could imagine.Darren and his brother, Jarred, were very close. Being only a year apart, with Darren being the oldest, they had spent many years at one another’s side and pursued their shared dreams together. Joining the Army forces was only one thing the brothers shared. Although, while Darren was quick to rise in the ranks his brother was left behind. Soon they were living entirely separate lives for the first time. Darren rose to a General and was gifted lands in appreciation from the King, while Jarred left his post to become a blacksmith. Still, Darren felt no different for his brother and considered him his best friend until the day he died. If only Jarred had felt the same.Like everything else, Jarred had a child only one year after Aaline had been born. For Jarred life was a competition against his own brother. He felt as if everything was easier for his handsome, more successful, older brother. This made him bitter. He wanted to take what he had, sparking a darkness in his soul that Darren had never predicted.After the day Darren was gifted more lands, Jarred did something that changed all of their lives for good. He fell in love with Robin. When Aaline was six, the affair begin on both sides and while her father was away on active duty Jarred was with Robin. Alice had died giving birth to Elizabeth, leaving the girl without a mother but not motherless as Robin often stepped up to care for her in the way she needed a mother to. Aaline did not mind sharing, even as Elizabeth was always cruel to her.On Aaline’s sixteenth birthday, Darren was able to leave his duty to retire. He did not inform anyone of this as he hoped to make it a surprise for Aaline. Little did he know, Aaline had taken up a hobby of exploring the waters. She had convinced her mother to allow her to take a trip for her birthday, taking Elizabeth with her. This had been easy to agree to as it left Robin alone with Jarred. It was a treacherous day. Darren had came him to his wife and brother, actively having an affair. Jarred was furious as his brother threw the first punch and before it was over Darren had lost his life to the blade in his brothers hands. All was exposed to Aaline when she arrived home and she lived the next two years in grief. The lands her father had were all passed to her upon his death and once her eighteenth birthday came she made the decision to remove Robin, Jarred and Alice from her life. Leaving them with only the small income Jarred was able to bring home. This was the Beginning for Aaline. The start of her journey into the world of pain and hardships.
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Sep 18, 2019
Hello @BloomingMoon,

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