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  1. Svedo

    Pending Knights Hospitaller's Expansion into the Baltic

    The Western parts of the Empire have for long made surveys and plans to colonize this area, without notifying the Empire about their colonization attempt Arkan is furious. The Knights of Hospitallers have decided to take the land we have so rightfully tried to colonize and integrate in our lands...
  2. Svedo

    Pending The Brotherhood of Danmark and the HRE

    Bro why are u focusing on such unnecessary stuff as a staff, why not spend your time being productive
  3. Svedo

    News of a Massacre Spreads Throughout Europe! (Special events for HRE emperor and the Pope)

    Arkan dismisses these claims, as he has sent clear orders to all armies of the Empire to hold their ground and not attack. These must be rumors or bandits that are not apart of the army. Nevertheless the stories are most likely not true but a way of Pomerania to spread their lies.
  4. Svedo

    News of a Massacre Spreads Throughout Europe! (Special events for HRE emperor and the Pope)

    Prussia was never apart of the raid, no prussian members fought therefor i who control prussia cannot stand lieable for that. Powergaming to say they were
  5. Svedo

    Roemonde application

    Nation Application Format Name of City*: (Enter the name of the city you are applying for) Roemonde Name of Nation*: (Enter the name of the nation your city is situated in) Holy Roman Empire region of Netherlands Buildings: (Include a list of the different types of buildings your city...
  6. Svedo

    Valid Prussia calls for aid

    After having declared war on Pomerania and the fighting being rather regional and balanced at first. The Kingdom of Poland has declared war on Prussia in order to protect the pagans the Prussians are trying to convert. The Prussians now call for the entirety if the empire to join the war on...
  7. Svedo

    The Kingdom and The Duchy (Connacht signs a Military Alliance with Sardinia)

    this makes absolutely no sense, they are so far apart and can't support each other at all
  8. Svedo

    Valid A formal apology.

    (Ooc(Actually if u have been updated enough with server lore, the region is westburg-Brabant irp. And all of benelux is pretty much united under this duchy. Took a while though and quite alot of rp.)) *Arkan would glance at the letter seeing the french sigil on the thin paper, he'd carefully...
  9. Svedo

    Valid Ribe Massacre

    Arkan is Utterly disgusted by the lies and the treason the people are comitting against the Kingdom of Denmark. The king of the Danes is a good man and the people who slander his name have to be brought forward to justice for their crimes.
  10. Svedo

    Valid Geologists sent to the Baltic

    In order to see what trading routes and what areas are fit to expand into larger ports in the future, researchers and specialist from Westburg have been sent to analyze some of the Eastern Baltic sea floor along the coast. they will look for places where the composition of beaches isn't too soft...
  11. Svedo

    Valid The Hungarian King's Absence from Croatia.

    Arkan after reading the news brought to him by his advisors has reflected upon them and decided to send a letter to the Croatian nobles. "Let it be clear that the Westguard will be open for possible hirement if the necessity comes down to it, We are the fiercest mercenaries on the continent and...
  12. Svedo

    Valid Prussia sends an Ultimatum to Pomerania

    With impatience growing strong in the Prussian lands the nobility has instead decided to seek other measures of granting their wishes regarding the Pomeranian question. It has gone 36 days since the last letter was sent to the Land lord of the Pomeranian lands but no response has gotten through...
  13. Svedo

    Valid The Pomeranian Question

    OOC: I know you dont have a character, but that's a bad excuse, Like how would you explain IRP that you're not responding, each day that passes in real life is a little above a month IRP. And if you've read the post there are pretty good grounds to actually owning the river. The fact is, we...
  14. Svedo

    Valid The Pomeranian Question

    Arkan still awaits a response from the man leading the Pomeranians
  15. Svedo

    Voided King Erik Arrested by the Knights Hospitaller

    ooc: hmm i remember swiss spamming in caps that he captured the swedish king but okay
  16. Svedo

    Voided King Erik Arrested by the Knights Hospitaller

    Arkan while being very unfond of the Swedish still thinks he deserves respect, he is a king after all. He tried to mend relationships within the Baltic and even donated considerable strategical islands to the Knights of Hospitaller. In return the Knights of Hospitaller stabb the man who gave...
  17. Svedo

    How does the HRE work?

    If u rp with someone from the HRE u might be confused, Is it 1 country? is it several? i dont get it, Well i'm going to make this post to tell u how our system works. The Holy roman empire is a federation, what is a federation? It's made up out of federal enteties that we just call States...
  18. Svedo

    Valid The Pomeranian Question

    The Prussians now apart of the Empire have turned to the Dutch in guidence to survive. The Dutch being the masters of navigating rivers and using them for trade in the West have naturally instructed the Prussians to establish trade links through the long and far reaching rivers in Eastern...
  19. Svedo

    Valid The Formation of Prussia

    ooc: No? My nation is Brabant-Westburg what u talkin about, they are just my vassal state
  20. Svedo

    Valid The Treaty of Westburg

    The Coup d'etat was successful, Henry V was deposed and the Swiss duke took power as newly elected Emperor of the Empire. No major battles were waged, only significant engagements taking place were in Roemonde where the Brabantese forces met Dutch and Savoyard forces occupying a palace. With a...