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  1. Umejii

    Pending The Brotherhood of Danmark and the HRE

    This exact quote counts for everyone who participated in this conversation because it's honestly pointless. I expect only roleplay-relevant replies from here on.
  2. Umejii

    Shelving my character

    Thread moved to General Discussion.
  3. Umejii

    Declined ChicenExtremeX's appeal

    Punishment was reduced, locked and denied.
  4. Umejii

    User St_Seus banned until 02/08/2020.

    User St_Seus banned until 02/08/2020.
  5. Umejii

    Accepted King Harald IV Kejsa of Denmark.

    Hey @DODmof! We have decided to accept your character. Seeing as Denmark is is an elective monarchy, there shall be a council meeting consisting of @Note1765, @Coradeaux-Deodas, and your character, to decide the heir. It is up to you when this meeting will be hosted.
  6. Umejii

    vitos absence

    Good luck with your summer classes @VITOFURIO, cheering for you! 🙌
  7. Umejii

    I'm Sorry

    Apology accepted.
  8. Umejii

    RIP Umejii 2020-2020

  9. Umejii

    Valid A Royal Norwegian Wedding

    The Doge di Venezia will attend this wedding and wishes great fortune upon the King and his Wife to be.
  10. Umejii

    Official Brewery Guide

    Introduction What is Brewery? Brewery is a plugin that allows you to brew a variety of alcoholic (and some non-alcoholic) drinks that get you drunk and can give you effects, depending on the drink. Different drinks have different alcohol contents, and the higher your alcohol level, the...
  11. Umejii

    Accepted France application.

    Hello @KingOlive, We are glad to report that we have come to the conclusion to accept your application! For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.
  12. Umejii

    Official City Application Format

    Nation Application Format Name of City*: (Enter the name of the city you are applying for) Name of Nation*: (Enter the name of the nation your city is situated in) Buildings: (Include a list of the different types of buildings your city, e.g. smithy, mosque, church, tavern ...) (Optional)...
  13. Umejii

    Valid The Proposal of a Fool

    The Proposal of a Fool Vitale leaned against a wall on the Square of St. Mark's, where a dozen architects could be seen exerting themselves on the rehabilitation of an extravagant residence of one of the oldest and most notorious Venetian Houses, the Contarinis. Noble families, primarily...
  14. Umejii

    Valid The Death of the former Queen and the Caliph of the Aliyyid Caliphate

    A beautiful end for your and Seus' characters. Wonderfully written!
  15. Umejii

    Accepted Alfred Körte's Introduction

    Application accepted. Happy roleplaying!
  16. Umejii

    Accepted Josyp Svyatoslavovych Kovalov's Introduction

    Application accepted! Happy roleplaying.
  17. Umejii

    Accepted The_Real_Oakley's Connacht Application

    Hey! Overall this is a pretty good application, however, we feel you should add some more detail to the nation history section! For now, this application is being marked as pending.
  18. Umejii

    Voided The Damning: Recounts of the Éire Born

    This is voided seeing as you're attempting to forge a narrative of the nation of Norway not helping your cause, when you were in fact the person who left the server during these events. This is what we would call power gaming, a term of which you can find a more detailed description in our...
  19. Umejii


    We have a plan for the future, it's just not going in effect until the server player base can support it.
  20. Umejii

    Accepted Stephanos Komnena's Introduction

    Application accepted. Happy roleplaying!