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What is Brewery?

Brewery is a plugin that allows you to brew a variety of alcoholic (and some non-alcoholic) drinks that get you drunk and can give you effects, depending on the drink.

Different drinks have different alcohol contents, and the higher your alcohol level, the drunker you become. Drunkness results in stumbling movement, slurred speech in chat, and if you are drunk enough, nausea and vomiting. These effects become stronger the drunker you are.

Okay, but how can I start?

First off, each brew (ex. Beer, Whiskey, Wine, etc.) has a different set of ingredients. For example, Beer is brewed with wheat and Wine is brewed with Sweet Berries (to resemble grapes).

You must put the required ingredients into a fired cauldron, meaning it must have a heat source below it, otherwise it...

Hello everyone!

The long-awaited time is here. Development, tech, and manpower have been completely implemented!

At the moment, it has to be done manually, but everything else is completely set and ready! Bare with us as we manually edit the document, but you will be able to view the document on Google Spreadsheets by clicking the link below. We will update dev counts every 2 weeks starting from Friday, but this may become more/less frequent as time goes on.

Thank you, everybody, for your patience!

Hello everyone,

We are proud to say that Age of Ruin has released its open beta phase!

Server IP:
Version: 1.15.2

Hello everyone, We are very glad to announce that we are finally releasing our live map to the public!

Along with that, we have made the definitive nation borders visible. The map can be found here: It is also accessible via the navigation bar of our website.

We are getting very close to release and can't wait to see what everyone makes! :)

Hello everyone!

Given that our last list of rules was unknown to the majority of the community and lacked substance, we have come to the conclusion that it would be in our best interest to release a revised set of rules. These can be found in the "Rules" tab on the navigation bar at the top of your screen, or simply by clicking the following link: :)

The gameplay rules are currently not finished, so they have not been added to the document yet. Make sure to check back every so often to see if any of the rules have changed, as it is expected that all players who use the Age of Ruin services have familiarized themselves with this set of rules.

Happy holidays from the Age of Ruin Staff team!


Hello everyone! Welcome to Age of Ruin.:)

Age of Ruin is a historical Minecraft roleplay server that welcomes both veterans and newcomers to the roleplay genre.
Explore 12th century Europe through the eyes of a king, peasant, nomad, knight ... the possibilities are endless!

The Time Period

The timeline of Age of Ruin begins right at the start of the 12th century, 1101 AD. This time period allows for exciting roleplay, as it is a time of cultural and economic revival. Many historians even trace the origins of the Renaissance to this time. Along with that, the balance of economic power slowly began to shift from the region of the eastern Mediterranean to western Europe. The population rapidly expanded, a factor that eventually led to the breakup of the old...

Until 1115

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